The Walking Dead Doesn’t Shamble


So today I got to play through a game of Mantics newest release, or next release should I say, The Walking Dead All Out Wat, whats good about this game? What could be better and what will the future hold?

Firstly apologies for lack of in game photos, the threat level was rising so quickly at one point I honestly thought that the threat tracker was going to take off it was spinning that fast!

On Sunday I took The Walking Dead:AOW to one of my local FLGS and me and the owner thrashed out the game whilst playing the example mission. The first few activation’s where a bit of a chore as we were talking through the moves trying to work out what we could and shouldn’t do.

Turn one consisted of both me and Carl lurching around worse than the zombies and Carl firing the only round his charactor brought with him for the day! I did very little other than sneak around like a child that had stolen some candy, which is appropriate as that’s what we were trying to do!


From then on it was just a race to see who could out maneuver zombies the quickest as the event cards just kept bringing on more zombies at a terrifying rate, and upping the threat level, someone was in melee combat almost every turn. In one events phase we miss read a card basically one card makes you draw another two which you have to apply both cards one after the other and both cards were +2 threat level and bring on lots of zombies, it was about this time that I gave up counting what was happening as I had run out of zombies entirely, when are Mantic releasing the boosters?

Needless to say after Carl ended up getting munched (all three of his players haha) I was the only one left standing.


Some After Action Thoughts, headshots is a really cool mechanic, its the only way to kill a zombie, but either my opponents dice rolls are rubbish (quite probable), or its way to easy to run out of ammo.


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