Prospero Burns Rules & Miniatures

Hi, I’ve just been scanning the news after last weeks amazing Prospero Burns images and it looks like there may be a little sneak peak out there about using those awesome Silent Sisters and Custodes figures in your 40K games!

I think it’s safe to say that both units are a bit good on the table.  Dependant upon points cost of course.  I’m fairly sure that both units are good enough to include and the Sisters seem very good against enemies that use psykers often such as Eldar.

I’ll put some tasty pics of the figures in here;

Oh and the rules! I’ll leave this here;

Source B&C’s StaggerLee 

According to a mate, these are the profiles for custodes and sisters:

ws6, bs4, s5, t5, w2, i5, a3, ld10, 2+/4++.
hatred, furious charge, rampage.

ws5, bs4, s3, t3, w1, i5, a2, ld10, 2+.
Preferred enemy (psykers), hatred (psykers)
furious charge and a pariah blade which inflicts ID on any model with the psyker special rule and otherwise is ap3.
they will have the pariah rule meaning they can never be the target of any psychic power. and all psychic powers cease to be in effect within 6″ of the unit

I need this in my life I think.  More figures for the painting heap – sigh!  -Mark


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