Concord Forces starting small

As I persist in trying to get a few games of Gates of Antares in its time to start some list building ideas.  So to start off I am going to look at the Concord, straight out of the box with no upgrades there is about 700 points worth of troops, but I have added a fair bit since then so I think its time to start list building.


So with almost 1700 points to choose from I am going to break it down to the standard game sizes of 500, 750, 1000, 1250, 1500, and 2000 as if its anything like Bolt action these are going to be the most common sized games.

So starting small at 500 points i need to take 3-4 tactical 0-1 support and 0-1 auxilary, so starting with the Tactical selections I have decided on a C3 Command squad and two Strike squads the command squad has less men and weapons than a strike squad but and is only marginally cheaper but it feels wrong to take a force without an obvious leader.  The 5 man strike squads will each have a plasma lance, the standard Plasma Carbines are reasonable but more power is always good to have around.

I will round out this force with a support option of 2 C3D1 Light Support Drones armed with a plasma light suport gun with a strike value of 3 and a rate of fire of three (each) should be very handy for any Ghar walkers I meet, and hopefully shred any other unit to pieces! So we have a reasonably low model count with an OK dice pool to draw from and considering the low point options a rather potent little force.  I hope?


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