A Few Good Men

Morning!  No we aren’t going all Jack Nicholson screaming in a court room on you, what I am here to discuss this morning is writers. It’s come to pass that we need a few more again.

Who exactly are we looking for?  Well someone with a passion for the hobby and good English skills, I would say better than mine but I’d probably get a horse apply, if you can dedicate enough time to write one 400-500 word article each week (a few extra wouldn’t hurt) and a small update or two, you could potentially be what we are looking for.

What can we offer you?  Not much at the moment but I’m working on a few things to aid as a sweetener to the collective pot and you get to be part of TTGUK which in itself is a fun and rewarding venture, as well as having an awesome excuse to dedicate even more time to your hobby.

We do have a few games that we really want someone to write about at the moment but nobody who can dedicate enough time to them.  If you think that you’d be keen to join the team then use the ‘Contact Me’ form on this site with a short piece about yourself, your particular interests within gaming in general and what you feel you could bring to the TTGUK table and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Many thanks Darren (the boss)


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