Sunday Colour Infinity Mercs

Welcome back to Sunday Colour!  This week I finished my Qapu force for Inifinity the Game for the second time.  Possibly not the last either if I keep seeing cool figures that fit the mercenary theme I’ve got going…

In order to run a fireteam I grabbed a full five Kaplan and because Scarface and Cordelia seem like a bargain I got them too.  I already owned the Druze hacker and if you read my last Learning Curve article on Infinity you’ll realise that I feel insecure without a pair of hackers now.  Also because you need a high value target I got hold of one.

I wanted them to marry with the rest of the force but be clearly demarked as mercs so kept the Red and Bone from the rest of the force but keep them as accents not dominating colours but as I ‘finished’ them I realised that I’m not that keen on them for some reason.  I like the Druze and Cordelia but the others just look not up to scratch.  I’m pleased with the detailing and think they’ll look fine on the table though so I’m not planning a repaint just yet!

I know that I promised you ice this week but my new stuff didn’t arrive so hopefully that will come next week…-Mark

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