25 Days till Kick-Off

In 25 days Steamforged are due to release Kick-Off to the public, so there is still time for you to pre-order yours here.


As we showed you here inside this brand new 2 player starter set you get everything you need to get you and a mate started in the massively popular game of Guild Ball the cards will be th enew Season 3 versions of the cards, with a Season 3 card set being scheduled for realese in late March


The card deck will include a replacement card for every Season 1 and 2 model and has an RRP of £8.85 so split with a friends or a club could be a very easy way to get your new cards incredibly cheap.

With Season Three spoilers appearing here already and more set to come in the next few months it really cant be stressed enough that you should run out and get this game! Each season brings more players and each tournament has more entrants as a game that is going continually from strength to strength with each passing month.

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