HATECONZOM: The Autopsy…

Saturday November 5th saw Mantic in force in Bethnal Green, as Zak and his team of rowdy Pathfinders descended upon the East London Wargames club (and Working Mens Club…) to show off some of the funky new Star Saga toys, play games, engage in tournaments and revel in the brand spanking new Walking Dead game!

 The Gaming Dead play The Walking Dead

HATE (The Hackney Area Tabletop Enthusiasts) are a large gaming group based in East London, and are well known for their raucous Wednesday evenings and Saturday events.

HATECONZOM was a real tour de force in what a successful gaming club with strong relations to a prominent player in the gaming industry should be able to achieve; starting at 10 o’clock Saturday morning(with the opening of the bar), and finishing just short of 8 o’clock in the evening (when the light-weight Mantic team left in an exhausted state with their tails between their legs…).

Doors (and the bar) at HATECONZOM opened at 10am… Everyone started early and finished late…

HATE regular and Kings of War enthusiast Dan ran the 1500pt Kings of War tournament, which ran throughout most of the day; featuring Ogre, Undead, Ratkin, and Elven armies (amongst others!), whilst Pathfinder and member of the Dreadball Rules committee Dale ran his specially ‘zombified’ Dreadball tournament.

Dreadball underway!

Pathfinders Matt and George (with myself tagging along!) managed a line of mantic demo games right next to the HATE bar, with three Walking Dead games on the go, supported by Deadzone, and two Dungeon Saga boards. Ric from HATE was also running a Dungeon Saga campaign throughout the day, whilst zombies trudged and sloughed their way around the bar (prizes were given for the best zombies!)

HATE the Walking Dead!

Meanwhile, Mantic HQ’s Zak was on hand manning the Mantic trade stall, and showing off the stunning new models from Star Saga (that he had allegedly stolen from the studio managers office…)

Kings of War Tournament Results;

The Kings of War!

1st Place : Carlo Gino Contrino

There’s a lot of Love at HATE – Mantic’s Zak and HATE’s Andy with Carlo and his Blaine Trophy!

2nd Place : Jude Cosgrove

3rd Place : Daniel Read

Most Sporting Player : Tied between – Neil J Thomas, Carlo Gino Contrino and George E Harris

Best Painted Army : Jude Cosgrove

Dreadball Tournament Results ;

1st Place : Richard Cook

Dreadball winner Richard Cook with his ltd. edition Zombie Blue Blaine Trophy!

2nd Place : James Bemmer

3rd Place : Luke Hole

Most Sporting Player : James Bemmer

Best Painted Team : Luke Hole

Cromwelled : Dick Barker

Dick Barker from the Basildon District Wargamers – Cromwelled.

All in all the day was a stunning success – and I have made room in my busy schedule for February… when HATE will be running ‘HATECON II – Chainsaw Boogaloo’

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