Hordes Releases

As I couldn’t decide which order to do these in I have put them both in the same post, so fresh from Privateer Press we have Ghetorix, a Warpwolf Heavy Warbeast for Circle, and Tiberion, a Skorne Titan Heavy Warbeast.

Both of these Resin sculpts are pretty awesome, and to be honest if I had seen these before I got the Legion of Everbright starter set I probably would have switched to either Skorne or Circle to be honest as these are as I said awesome. They need very minimal cleaning and fit together perfectly.

Tiberion is the slower of the two, but then look at him did you expect anything different, both are really good in close combat and both have good defence and armour although the variation is Ghetorix has a better defence but lower armour, again shows through on the models. Both models are bonded to specific Warcasters so an added bit of a bonus under certain lists

Looking at the special traits for Ghetorix he looks to be a fearsome monster of epic proportions, able to regenerate and then use powers of the warp to regenerate more damage points, just seems obscene or it can gain strength or attack dice, seriously why did I choose Legion of Everblight as this model is just a Tank of epic proportions.

I would love to be able to field these both at the same time as they are epically sculpted models with imppressive stat lines.

Element Games - Wargaming Webstore


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