Dropfleet Storage

The bane of all gamers is getting there lovely crafted and painted miniatures to where they need to be, wether its a friends house and FLG or a major tournament.

phr premium starter army

The original Dropzone Commander cases were made by KR, but there hasnt really been much movement on the trays since the originals were launched, as such your Type 4 walker models are either going to be jammed in somewhere or you have to take a knife to something.

I have heard that Feldherr will be doing the cases for Dropfleet Commander and hopefully if they are anythilng like the rest of the ranges they do, you will be able to fit everything you need in, although remains to be seen what case sizes.

Feldherr foam trays for all Dropfleet Commander factions

Coupled with Feldherr’s 5 year guarantee and by the looks of it a nicely fitted cut it looks like we could see a few future releases as well, the product name ‘Feldherr foam trays for all Dropfleet Commander factions’ hints at a one size fits all case, I would imagine a Maxi case, but going on the modularity of previous games and foams available I wouldn’t rule out smaller cases with faction specific foams, in which case I am going to have to start saving for a PHR medium case, as well as a few others (for demonstration purposes)

Element Games - Wargaming Webstore

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