T-83 days Tournament time

So if you saw this post  you will know I am in the middle of a harebrained ideal of actually playing competitively in 2017 (2018 will depend on how I do in ’17). So the second tournament I will be attending is Aftermath’s Clash of Kings.

In the previous post I discussed the list I was planning on using and other than magic items it hasnt really changed very much at all. What has happened is though is that in the space of three nights I have my second horde built, so only one more Horde, one regiment and then those bloody Imps to go and after that it is a few months to get the whole thing painted and based.

I have hit a snag already in that there are some new Abysal releases out now which you can order here, just send me an email and I will tell you where it can be shipped to) these look quite nice and am tempted to make room in my list for shiney syndrome. But perhaps I will see how it’s going after christmas


These are the Tortoured Souls now while I liked the idea I was annoyed that I wasnt able to get hold off them on the kickstarter, as there was quite a few gaps in the ranges that didn’t get funded now while not an absoulte problem it does mean that if I want some of the troops in my army I am going to have to find something that looks fitting and gels well with the look of the existing warriors.

It looks like there is going to be a team TTGUK going as Dave has paid up for his ticket as well, I’m not sure what he is taking for the day but would be interesting to see.

Element Games - Wargaming Webstore


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