Steamforged 1st Quarter of releases

For some strange reason I thought I had already covered some of the new releases coming early next year but apparently I haven’t! Which is odd!

So Kicking off the list we have …….Kick Off the higly anticipated two player starter set for Guild Ball this is the release of the second wave of the game as the first wave has sold out quite quickly in most places.

Moving on to player releases January sees new players for the Masons and the Brewers as well as the season 3 player cards!

February brings us a veteran Butchers player, as well as new Fishermen and Mortician players along with the season 3 plot cards

Brainpan and Memory are making the Morticions  really tempting prospect at the moment that is getting harder to avoid. But the star of quarter 1 for 2017 has to be the un named Union Captain release, oh and a mamoth player for the engineers as well as Crucible..

But looking at the new Union Captain does she look familiar?

Yh I struggled to see anything familiar either but needless to say Fillet Union Captain has been ordered which will really be spoiling me for choice as I can pick between three captains now!

Still no new news on the Farmers Guild Yet.


Element Games - Wargaming Webstore


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