Learning to Play Algoryn

So my second project for Gates of Antares is underway, the Algoryn are the force I wanted to play from the start but I have only just got round to starting to get them sorted, they have been in the boot of my car for a month! To begin with I managed to trade and buy a fair amount, 4 packs of drones 3 AI Squads a box of AI Assault Squad a micro X launcher and a Skimmer squad so all in I should be able to do something reasonable straight off the bat.

So starting out at 500 points I’m going to jump straight in with an AI Command Squad, someone needs to boss everyone else around.  Next we come to the boots on the ground with an AI Squad with an extra trooper and a vanilla Assault Squad, for a support option I have opted for the AI Avenger skimmer squad, I am hoping these can do some firefighting if need be. As a skirmish force I think this should work but I think its lacking a bit of punch so a version 2 might be coming shortly.

This gives me 4 dice in the bag which isnt to bad a start really and should form a solid base from which to expand from when the Strike on Kara Nine set lands I should have more than enough troops for an Algoryn Army, considering the two or maybe thee unopened metal AI squads on the shelf I may even have a few more than enough!

I picked the Algoryn as they look cooler then the Concord forces and that’s about it really, I prefer the angled edges of the armour when compared to the smooth curves of the other races, the only other faction that really jumps out at me is the Isorians but that’s going to have to be another project for later next year!

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