Upgrade your Bolt Action

It’s time to re-arm the British front-line with top of the line weaponry, starting with the Tesla Cannon for the Cromwell.



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The power of the Tesla Cannon is something not to trifle with, but must be used to stop the abominations coming from the German lines. The Tesla Cannon pulsates powerful electricity through its enemies, shocking tank crews to death and obliterating squadrons alike. Whilst relatively being short ranged, it more than makes up for it with its power and versatility.

Now available is the Tesla Cannon turret by itself so you can swap out your Cromwell and make if Konflikt 47 ready, the Russian war machine is also turning its wheels this week, churning out the new T34/ZP turret ready to be outfitted onto your existing T34s.


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The Zvukovoy Proyektor unleashes powerful energy pulses which can incapacitate swathes of enemies with a single blast, even neutralising crew hiding inside their armoured vehicles. The pulse rapidly dissipates through the atmosphere but once the target has been hit, even the thickest of armour won’t save anyone.

Here is hoping to see more turrets and options for more tanks.

 Element Games - Wargaming Webstore


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