Now on Patreon

So a slight thing happened this weekend, we took a bit of a leap, one off many planned for this year and launched ourselves on Patreon


What does it mean?

Well I had thought of trying a kickstarter to boost some funds into the TTGUK coffers but for the time being I have decided against it, by becoming a Patreon you are pledging anywhere from $1 (its an American based site) up to whatever you like really per month usually taken around the 1st.

What am I going to do with that money?

Well if it gets to enough retire from my day job and do this full-time, that would be the dream result, until then I have a list of equipment as long as a long thing that I would like to get, mainly for upping the video quality and putting out regular vlogs and battle reports, as well as being able to get some new stuff for the team to review. As well as all this I would like to take on sponsoring a few events and tournaments. One thing I would love is a bespoke Website but the quote I got for that was £2500 to do what I wanted!

What do you get from being a Patreon?

Well at the moment an almost direct line to me, Patreons will get to see some behind the scenes stuff that goes on and will also be asked there opinions on things as well as getting a chance to have a say, or even suggest future directions for Tabletop Games UK, not only that but this year I am going to plan in a few interviews with some minor and major names in the gaming industry which will be available on the blog, however Patreons will get the full Interview including as much juicy information as I can trick out off the guest.

As well as that there are plans to run Patreon only webchats and run Patreon only competitions.

So if all this sounds like something you could help with then please help us bring you more content and become a Patreon you can litterally pledge as little as $1 which all adds up to help us get more content out to you!


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