Days Gone By -The Walking Dead Expansion

The Walking Dead has been gaining pace at great rate, and with the new expansions coming out there is even more choice in the game. The First expansion I am going to be looking at today is the ‘Days Gone By’ expansion.

There are a few new rules have been introduced to enable a lot more interactions within the game, as well as some new scenic options including The RV which was included in the starter box, but now we have the rules and details about it such as costing 3 scenery points, as well as blocking Line of Site, and being an elevated resource hub. As well as general new rules there are new special rules for scenery and scenarios.

There are five linked solo campaign missions and a two player finale to the campaign in the pamphlet. Each campaign gives you a set of survivors to use in each mission which can either be played by one person or by multiple players with guidlines on both equipment and also any ongoing campaign effects if playing as the campaign it builds up nicely! Taken separately each campaign mission can be used as the base for a quick pick up and play game giving a greater potential for game variety. You can move away from the prescribed models and use the points set out in each campaign scenarios, for example, and I hope I don’t get in trouble for this, scenario 2 City Slicker recommends using Rick Grimes and Police Officer with up to 20 points of equipment, alternately you can use 65 points  but with only one survivor, this could lead to playing through the campaign using a gang of your own making and naming, indeed the last few pages are dedicated to creating your own characters.

A render of Rick Grimes, a painted example of Rick and Rick's Character Card

Mantic have taken on a big IP and managed to turn it into and enjoyable game that should hopefully be around a while, which more on the way.
Element Games - Wargaming Webstore


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