Ringing in the Changes

Hi gamers, it’s Darren here. You may have noticed we have been a bit quite the last few days, this is because we have made some major changes to the website and indeed to the future of Tabletop Games UK.

We have moved to a hosted server which means we will be no longer publishing anything here, all the articles have been moved and everything is set, just a few niggles like featured images are a bit of a thorn in my side at the moment.

To keep up with our adventures and watch to see what crazy new things we can come up with you will have to go to the new site and subscribe.

The reason we have done this is to allow a lot more freedom for us, not that wordpress hasn’t been a fantastic home for the last two years, but as all things grow they need a bit more room to grow and expand, which is what we needed. Now all we need is for you fantastic lot to follow us over.


There are a lot of plans in place for this year and we are all excited for the next 12 months and hope you continue to support us

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