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Purgatory – A Quick Update

So, the other day, the Purgatory kickstarter was started, and within 12 hours it was funded! congratulations guys! Wow! They quickly went from strength to strength, unlocking stretch goals. Well Done Aidan and Gary from Underestimated Games.

You can back the kickstarter here

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13568909_1043594249027601_7203476972464508539_oPurgatory is a game based on the planet at a time when Angels and beast have control of the planet. The game scale is about 32 mm and the miniatures are made from resin. All the stats are placed on the character cards, with attacks are colour coded, so each kind of attack moves can be seen at a glance. most games  will be played at 375 points and The main factions are Soul Train and Murder Inc.

The host for Murder Inc, is Moloch. A four armed living bronze statue, Moloch has four abilities and used correctly can do some serious damage, even to another host. Moloch is also great at running into combat or holding up enemies in melee.


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