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Ravenwing Army List

A week or so ago I decided to get back into 40K.  I’ve always loved the background and the figures and whilst many people bemoan the rules just as many enjoy them so I thought why not?  Well there’s the “I don’t know what to buy so I don’t waste my money” argument for one thing and that dear reader is where you come in…
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TTGUK Paints Update 3

Well here we go 6 weeks into what should really have been a pretty easy painting challenge, the guys are doing really well except one, but he shall remain nameless unless he doesnt get any work done this weekend but as he is running a Guild Ball tournament its highly likely he will be the first member of staff to be shamed, even though he has got enough excuses for the past 4 weeks we arent going to let him off lightly.

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Scourge Invade

One of my favourite games of the last few years has been Dropzone Commander this game is pretty straight forward to play, easy to get into and the starter sets for all Armies are nicely balanced whi you start adding them up, and with a faction for everybody.

So to reboot my playing time with DZC I am talking a look at the races available starting with the Scourge.

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How the Fantasy Battle was won, or how to convert to Kings Of War

At the end of 2014, or was it the begining of 2015, I really can’t remember as there have been so many fantastic projects in the last twelve months, Mantic Games funded the second edition to Kings of War.


This came almost right on top of another fantasy game essentially closing it’s doors.

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