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When is your army “Complete”?

So, recently I’ve come to the conclusion that my Space Marine army is, after 25 years of on again / off again tinkering is “Complete”.


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Rogue Stars – Nickstarter Live

Darren posted up some info the other day on the Rogue Stars Nickstarter you can read about it here;

The Nickstarter is now up and running and you can see the details of it here on the Northstar newsletter.

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Learning Curve: Chapter Three

20160504_212245Welcome back to my ramblings about my experiences with games and the occasionally steep learning curve that we all must navigate.  Over the last two weeks I have assembled, based and started to paint my forces.  That last struggle will be documented in the Sunday column from this point onwards whilst we concentrate on gaming on Wednesdays.  This week we’ll take the next logical step and assemble a force.  That’s quite a task in itself sometimes and nowhere that I’ve seen do you have the options you do in Open Combat.
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How the Fantasy Battle was won, or how to convert to Kings Of War

At the end of 2014, or was it the begining of 2015, I really can’t remember as there have been so many fantastic projects in the last twelve months, Mantic Games funded the second edition to Kings of War.


This came almost right on top of another fantasy game essentially closing it’s doors.

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