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What Game is For Me??

Who has heard some one say in their friendly local gaming store (FLGS) ‘What Game is For Me?’ or some variation of the theme that they have no idea what to get to play.

42598-largeWell to be fair it’s not actually a bad question to ask, especially if you think that miniature games such as Dropzone Commander, anything from Games Workshop or Mantic are going to take an deal off effort to get sorted and that’s before you even start to play. So today am going to look at a few games and types of games that are available, although this will be by no means a comprehensive list.


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Hello, Sweet Prince!

45549172dde2013a06ac7e75901ee5afb888ededHello again!  This week we’re delving back into my massive collection of the Spoils cards to try and make a ridiculous combo deck!  Following the recent banning of the CD machine my life became a micromajigless (well ten or so is closer to none than I’d like) wasteland of sadness and crying puppies.  I’m being a bit dramatic it actually was composed mainly of trying to learn to play Doomtown: Reloaded but the point is that it’s a sad time…
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The Gue’vesa and how they might make Conquest a four horse race!

Welcome back intrepid cardboard fans!  This week we’re going to examine the impact that Decree of Ruins new warlord Commander Starblaze might have on the three horse race that is 40K Conquest.  The three contenders at the moment at Space Marines, Dark Eldar and Eldar and these decks are out infront for a couple of reasons; but will new warlords really change the face of the meta?  Or do we need another full cycle of cards before another faction can be seen as great?

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Battle Begins! Well, it will in December!

So recently I had a revelation!  I found a game that was funded on kickstarter that will ship very shortly the world over and genuinely seems head and shoulders above the crowd.  With a focus on head-to-head play which I prefer from a card game and innovative mechanics this looks very much like my kind of game. Continue reading Battle Begins! Well, it will in December!

The Houses of Cards…

Welcome back avid reader!  Since last we met I’ve been busily playing the Game of Thrones card game and it is excellent.  Even when you’re getting the snot kicked out of your chosen house (sorry Nights Watch!) it still feels like the game you want to be playing!  It has presented some issues however with deck building.  With eight houses that each have a distinct flavour to choose from I guess to start with a sensible (boring!) person would have played mono but not I because I am a born tinkerer!

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Reappearances Can Be Deceptive!

Hello again fellow cardboard addicts!  This week we head back to the Spoils to do one of my favourite things; discard pile shenanigans!  The reason I love re-animator decks is that even though they are inevitably a little telegraphed the shocking power available and the ability to turn most of your discard heap into an extension of your hand is a great opportunity!  I’ll start with the deck list:

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Swarming to Victory?

Welcome back!  This week I’ve actually managed to play some games of 40K Conquest using the new Nids.  As I wrote a few weeks ago when I unboxed the new set I think the Swarmlord is the way to go and so I built a deck focused around his and his signature squads abilities.  Basically the plan was to choke my opponent by using the free termagant tokens as cheap command icons.  Without further ado here is the first version;

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When You Play the Game of Thrones You Win or You Die!

Die?  Bloody hell Cersei it’s only a card game; can’t we just play strip instead?  Yes it has arrived, the Game of Thrones version 2.0 LCG from FFG is in my sweaty hands right now!  As you can probably tell I’m a bit excited about this and think it’s going to be huge.  This week I’m going to review the core set and basically try to make you all buy into it!
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Start Winning; Stop Whining!

OK, so first up I want to issue an apology for those of you hoping to see an awesome game report or new deck list.  My wife and I are pleased that we can announce the birth of Owen last Monday but it turns out that being a father of two is quite time consuming so I haven’t been able to actually test anything!  Rest assured that my brain is fizzing with plans and ideas for all the games I play so I will return in the near future better and stronger!

Hints at those plans are the Spoils will make a Shocking Reappearance, I’ll be reviewing possibly the biggest card game of 2015/2016 and in a universe of war there will be, well, waaaggh…

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The Great Devourer Arrives!

The time has come for the unleashing of the great devourer !  No I’m not talking about my son (he still refuses to enter the real world – smart lad) but the Tyranids for Warhammer 40’000 Conquest!  Yes that’s right folks a mere two months of waiting have flown past and now I have in my grubby little mitts on the first deluxe expansion for the game!  Watch the unboxing here!

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