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Building my Crown: Part Two

So here is the second installment of Building my crown in Part One I spoke about the starting point which is basically the two player box set, now with Gen Con we have been treated to a few new releases and a new rulebook. This should see an exciting time for Wrath of Kings players. So what have I been up to?


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Building my Crown: Part one.

This is going to be the first in a monthly article detailing journals through the games, much like Marks but probably covering more games. So Building My Crown is going to be Wrath of Kings. As seen on earlier articles the models for this are great and as soon as I can get hold off a hard copy of the full rules I am sure this game will go from a good game on my list to a must play.

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Wrath Of Kings Update

So a few weeks ago, litterally days before I left for a family Holiday I had a very nice package from Cool Mini or Not arrive. What might have been the very nice package? Well as the title of this post suggests its Wrath of Kings new 2 player starter set Honor and Treachery: Battle of Raven wood.

45323-medAs reported on a few weeks ago the set contains 15 models from 2 factions, dice, rules, cards and terrain templates, the miniatures are an absolute breeze to put together as they only fit together in one specific pose for each model and the joins have interlocking sections, but there are a variety of different poses so every one looks slightly different, well as different as you can for a uniformed army.



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Wrath of Kings 2 Player Starter Set Announced

Whilst I am trying to get a little bit caught up on things I realised that I have not mentioned this which was announced just over a week ago and looks like I may have got my entry into the game.


The 2-player starter box for Cool Mini or Not’s miniatures wargame Wrath of Kings will be on it’s way to UK shores hopefully for March. Wrath of Kings was originally released in early 2014, and has steadily grown to become a major competitor in the fantasy table top genre, featuring 5 different factions for players to choose from.

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