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Fire From the Sky!

Happy new year to you all!  With the release date for Battle for Sularia almost upon us I have been busily brewing decks in preparation!  Some of you will have seen the Synthien list I posted last month and for those that didn’t please check it out!  This time around we’re still setting fire to everything but in a sularium fuelled jet packing kind of way!

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Hello, Sweet Prince!

45549172dde2013a06ac7e75901ee5afb888ededHello again!  This week we’re delving back into my massive collection of the Spoils cards to try and make a ridiculous combo deck!  Following the recent banning of the CD machine my life became a micromajigless (well ten or so is closer to none than I’d like) wasteland of sadness and crying puppies.  I’m being a bit dramatic it actually was composed mainly of trying to learn to play Doomtown: Reloaded but the point is that it’s a sad time…
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Reappearances Can Be Deceptive!

Hello again fellow cardboard addicts!  This week we head back to the Spoils to do one of my favourite things; discard pile shenanigans!  The reason I love re-animator decks is that even though they are inevitably a little telegraphed the shocking power available and the ability to turn most of your discard heap into an extension of your hand is a great opportunity!  I’ll start with the deck list:

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Swarming to Victory?

Welcome back!  This week I’ve actually managed to play some games of 40K Conquest using the new Nids.  As I wrote a few weeks ago when I unboxed the new set I think the Swarmlord is the way to go and so I built a deck focused around his and his signature squads abilities.  Basically the plan was to choke my opponent by using the free termagant tokens as cheap command icons.  Without further ado here is the first version;

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Angry Invisible Monsters!

Hi everybody! Since the wife is due to give birth to another future gamer this week I’m writing this before I’ve received my Great Devourer boxed set which FFG claim is due to be here this week!  So next week I will do an unboxing and review of the first deluxe expansion for Warhammer 40’000 Conquest but this week I’m going to provide you with a deck based on a suggestion by Darren Swancott; Titilated Mooncalf.

Before I launch into the list I think we should explore this little character a bit more.  So he’s cheap and cheerful and his stats are not worth noting but his rules text is where he starts to get interesting.  This triggers when you play a card or resource that provides at least one obsession and it’s important to note that there’s not anything that your opponent can do about it most of the time since you play a resource as a trigger from your faction card which in turn triggers this.  In the Spoils you can only respond to cards being played and abilities being used and this is neither so basically once per turn you get to make a character covert.  Something to bear in mind with covert is that a covert character cannot block a non-covert party so sometimes it might be worth picking an opponents blocker…

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Micromajig Mayhem!

As I type this I am still awaiting the arrival of my FFG stuff, though it must be said I’m less eager about those releases than I was when I pre-ordered them!  Since they haven’t arrived and my tripod is still at Amazon I figured I get to writing up a Spoils decklist using a suggestion found on the Spoils Facebook page from John Pacheco who asked “for a micromajig spam list for a friend who wants to get into the game”.

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