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King of the Fringe – Nov 2016

This is my stab at doing what Mark does far better and you will also have seen the rest of us are doing as well.  Our little round up of what we currently have going on our painting desk, gaming tables over the past month.

Most people will know form the sort of games I tend to review that I really do like the less popular games.  It’s not that I don’t like some of the popular games it’s just that the fun ones are often by smaller companies.

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Darren steps into Infinity

This months sees Darren’s will power collapse in several areas, firstly he has strayed to get rid off some things that are no longer  used and surplus to requirement, then he goes and gets involved in Dropfleet Commander, X-Wing and finally as all things come in threes he has embarked on another road that is Infinity, mainly as Mark and Jez managed to convinced him that he wouldn’t need to buy and build 50,000 miniatures to enjoy himself and have a good time.

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Learning Curve: Infinity Army List

Hi all!  Me again to talk about Infinity the Game.  You may remember that last time I wrote about it I got my butt-whupped in a close game.  If not then check it out here.  I’ve gone away and purchased a few more figures now to give my roster extended depth and build in some redundancies.  Plus I figured it was high time that I pulled my finger out and tried some of the fancier stuff one can get up to…
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