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Purgatory – A Quick Update

So, the other day, the Purgatory kickstarter was started, and within 12 hours it was funded! congratulations guys! Wow! They quickly went from strength to strength, unlocking stretch goals. Well Done Aidan and Gary from Underestimated Games.

You can back the kickstarter here

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Battle Begins! Well, it will in December!

So recently I had a revelation!  I found a game that was funded on kickstarter that will ship very shortly the world over and genuinely seems head and shoulders above the crowd.  With a focus on head-to-head play which I prefer from a card game and innovative mechanics this looks very much like my kind of game. Continue reading Battle Begins! Well, it will in December!

Kings of War v2 kickstarter

It’s been a while since I wrote anything about the King’s of War Kickstarter from Mantic Games, to be honest with all the projects on going and other bits and pieces I am kind of hoping it’s delayed, but I saw the gamers edition rule book in my local FLGS yesterday (put down the pitchforks they are backers as well), and to make things better I saw this.


The Abysal fiend all I can say is wow, but it’s a blog so I have to say more.

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