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Knight Models New Releases for January

So the a raft of new releases due for 12th January from Knight Models for both the Batman Miniature game and the new DC Universe range for Batman we have Aaron Cash and the Quick response team, the Dynamic Duo (80’s TV show?), Mr Freeze thug set and Reaper.

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Armoured Syndicate Update

Mark Latham, (previously responsible for work on such titles as:  the Batman Miniature Game, Marvel Universe Miniatures Game, Sedition Wars, Star Wars: Edge of Empire RPG, The Walking Dead and Kings of War 2nd Ed) so not really that big a deal talks about writing the rules for armoured syndicate. both the Batman Miniatures Game and the Marvel Universe games are great and Kings of War 2nd edition is just going from strength to strength so you know this ruleset is going to have some legs on them.


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Gotham needs you!

As of this morning I received my Batman Miniatures Game Rulebook and after a brief flick through to see what all the fuss is about I can see why this game is gaining a lot of play at my local club. The main rulebook has all the rules etc in it and plenty of fluff and background story garnered from the whole Batman Universe much of which I was blissfully unaware of (such as the amount of different Robins there was).

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