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The Mantic Open Day – Winter 2016

It’s always a joy to spin down to the Mantic Bunker, and Saturday 26th November saw myself, a slew of other Mantic Pathfinders, a ton of visitors, and a few Mantic dignitaries arriving in Bulwell ready for this Winter’s Mantic Open Day.

The masses descend upon the new Walking Dead miniatures!

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Missed Walking Dead Kickstarter? You can Pre-Order on Mantic web store.


Missed the Kickstarter..No fear, pop over to the Mantic web store as they are now taking orders for their Walking Dead core sets. The game can be pre-ordered in three different flavours and shipping will begin on the 28th of November. We have unboxed the core set here at TTGUK towers here and a play through of some games here

The Core Set


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HATECONZOM: The Autopsy…

Saturday November 5th saw Mantic in force in Bethnal Green, as Zak and his team of rowdy Pathfinders descended upon the East London Wargames club (and Working Mens Club…) to show off some of the funky new Star Saga toys, play games, engage in tournaments and revel in the brand spanking new Walking Dead game!

 The Gaming Dead play The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead Play Through

So I have set up for a solo game off Mantics the Walking Dead to have a quick play through on a cold Sunday afternoon, you can see what else we have said about The Walking Dead here

So here we see little Carl Grimes and his dad Rick off to find some supplies. If they get 7 supplies I win if they survive I win if they die I loose. Let’s see what happens.

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Now this is looking very exciting!

Bethnal Green’s own HATE wargames club (HATE of course standing for the Hackney Area Tabletop Enthusiasts) in alliance with Mantic games will be hosting their very own HATECONZOM on the 5th of November – Dreadball and Kings of War tournaments, Dungeon Saga and Deadzone demonstration games, and a chance to try out Mantics brand new Walking Dead game!

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Armoured Syndicate Update

Mark Latham, (previously responsible for work on such titles as:  the Batman Miniature Game, Marvel Universe Miniatures Game, Sedition Wars, Star Wars: Edge of Empire RPG, The Walking Dead and Kings of War 2nd Ed) so not really that big a deal talks about writing the rules for armoured syndicate. both the Batman Miniatures Game and the Marvel Universe games are great and Kings of War 2nd edition is just going from strength to strength so you know this ruleset is going to have some legs on them.


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Friday Kicks

So here we are again looking at Kickstarters that may or may not grab you instantly and say back me. Still no one has got in touch and pledged to get us every kickstarter ever but I still live in hope in the mean time I will back what I can and share away.

If you are running a Kickstarter and would like your game featured, or indeed reviewed please get in touch here its the same link for donating your lottery winnings.

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