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Learning Curve no.13

20160626_195119[1]Ooooh unlucky for some!  Hope not.  This week I’m going to be looking ahead slightly to try and figure out what to invest my time and money into over the next few months.  I always struggle a bit with making the right choices when buying into games, often buying and then selling figures and rule books in quite a short space of time.  This time I’m going to try and do it right.

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Learning Curve Part V

20160514_202033Hello and welcome back to my on going attempts to learn how to break into, start collecting and then hopefully playing the game.  This week I’m going to discuss Burrows and Badgers because it’s a game that I really enjoyed painting up and I think looks great at least.  Since the rules are available from the website I’ll be pretty open about discussing the rules and my thoughts on warband construction!

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Arcworlde – Review


For me, I see Kickstarter as both a blessing and a curse.  It’s great because you find out about new games you don’t see in stores, and it’s bad because you find out about new games you want to buy.

Back in Feb 2014, I was with a gaming buddy of mine looking at a new Skirmish game called Arcworlde.  I had avoided Kickstarter up to that point as most of the games being touted were by big companies who had the money to bring out the game.  To me it felt like a pre-order system which I didn’t like as it wasn’t what I thought Kickstarter was all about.  But Arcworlde by Alex Huntley, was different.  Here was a guy sculpting his own models that looked rustic with lots of character; he was doing the rules, and in fact he was doing a lot to try and get this little game off the ground and onto the game tables.  So I broke my Kickstarter block and jumped on board, and I have to say I wasn’t sorry I did.

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Learning Curve: Act Two

Last week I wrote about the difficulty of choosing a force and then the occasional issues that arise with particularly fiddly figures.  The next thing on our list is choosing colour schemes and painting the blooming things.  After that we can see what clever stuff we can squeeze into our points allowance!

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Learning Curve: Part the first

20160416_100723In a switch around from our previous schedule Wednesday’s will cease being dominated by card games and instead will be focused upon my experiences with new systems I intend to play.  Now some of these games will not be new to you and in fact one I have played a previous version of but the important thing is that by publishing my mistakes we can all learn a little something.  Even if that’s that I’m not very good…

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Salute 2016 Mark’s Roundup

So we’re back from our day trip to London with bags under our eyes and under our arms.  I had a wicked time met a lot of new people and spent some time with old acquaintances.  Having went with the intention of trying new games out it astonishes me to think that we were so busy that I didn’t roll any dice or touch any cards…

“We rolled these!”

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Excuses, Excuses!

broken-piggy-bankFor those of you who haven’t been paying attention Darren and I are off to Salute to buy toys, play games and generally have a nice time on Saturday as I’m sure many of you are.  Like me though you probably have a budget of some kind and someone to whom you ‘report’ (the other half).  So what do we do when we over spend?  Lie of course!


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Songs of Blades and Heroes Campaign ideas


In a lot of game systems having some sort of campaign element really changes how you play the game.  It becomes less about single games and more about the rise and possible fall of your budding warband/squad/group etc.   The issue though is the amount of players, if you don’t have a good pool of people in the campaign it can mean that if one of you gets ahead it’s going to be pretty boring for the other player.  But does it have to work like that?  Let’s have a think shall we?

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