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Algoryn Drop Fortress has Landed

The Algoryn can now set up a command hub on a hostile planet with the new Drop Fortress from Sarissa Precision.


Every planetary drop in a capsule is a risk for the troopers inside, a risk of it going off course, getting damaged or being completely destroyed by hostile fire such is the life of an AI Trooper.

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Anvil Industries Painting Competition

Here is Anvil Industries monstrous Werewolf has had a lick of paint to bring it to life.

It’s available at the special price of £8.50 until the end of October.

To celebrate the guys at Anvil Industries havedecided to have a Werewolf painting competition, with some great prizes for all abilities!

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Learning Curve: Infinity Army List

Hi all!  Me again to talk about Infinity the Game.  You may remember that last time I wrote about it I got my butt-whupped in a close game.  If not then check it out here.  I’ve gone away and purchased a few more figures now to give my roster extended depth and build in some redundancies.  Plus I figured it was high time that I pulled my finger out and tried some of the fancier stuff one can get up to…
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