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Now on Patreon

So a slight thing happened this weekend, we took a bit of a leap, one off many planned for this year and launched ourselves on Patreon

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The Post to End All Posts…..

Well for this year anyway, 2016 is drawing to a close slowly but surely, other than death and taxes, the only thing guaranteed in life is that this time of the year will continue to creep up on us.

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Xmas Fill my Bag Give Away!

Thats right, throughout the year I seem to spend a lot off time trying to beg, borrow or acquire different pieces to review or promote, if I didn’t there would be a lot less content on this site! Next year we want to do more and we also want to reach more people as we slowly start to take over the world in an insidious and ambitious project of world domination, but to do this we need your help and we want to reward you for that help!

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Thank you!

OK so this is a little off base from what you normally see but I think its well deserved, having started this site in June 2014 as a little side hobby project, tracking my progress away from Games Workshop, who are by the way now dragging me back into the fold,  it has grown into a life of its own so much so that for me it is nearly a second full time job and really eats away at the available hobby time I have in a very hectic schedule but you know what I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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Site Updates

As the very keen eyed reader will have noted there has been a very few subtle changes around recently a few pages have appeared and some have vanished, some permanently some only temporarily, there are a few reasons for this first is we are pressing forward with things at so far unheard of speeds,now with 6 writers including myself, its becoming easier to get things done, although having created this site from scratch I am finding a little hard to turn over the reigns for certain aspects at time, but we are getting there I have more time to paint, yes I will finish a project soon, hopefully soon more time to game as well which will be a novelty.

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Weekend Hobbying 16/17 July 2016

So its the weekend and there is a lot that goes on, games, tournaments, building, painting and buying, without conveniently forgetting shows as well. So what are you upto this weekend. According to facebook Spartan have a Vanguard called Dan currently sat at Attack with Halo Ground Command.

I am sure he wont get mugged for the awesome game that Halo: Ground Command promises to be.

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UK Events Calander

Morning guys and girls how is the hobby going today? Hopefully better than mine as there seems to be a slight technical glitch somewhere beyond our realms of control which has rendered the UK Events Calendar virtually empty.

Until I can sort this problem out, which will hopefully be tonight, I have taken the step off removing the calander for the site until such time that it is fit for purpose and will update accordingly.


Many Thanks