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Arena Rex – Review

Like a lot of games around at the moment Arena Rex is another from Kickstarter game.  Whilst I never noticed when it was up (slight shame to be honest), it is a game I have picked up and after a slightly confusing start have found I really enjoy it.  For many it will be seen as a Beer and Pretzels style game, one to sneak in before or after the main game of the night.  But to me you should be treating it as the main event.

One of things though that can put people off on a game beyond not liking it is the miniature scale and of late I really have noticed a scale creep.  Arena Rex is 35mm so that’s a bit odd and it does mean that fitting it with other miniatures or ranges is a little difficult.  But it shouldn’t put people off playing the game.

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Learning Curve: Infinity Army List

Hi all!  Me again to talk about Infinity the Game.  You may remember that last time I wrote about it I got my butt-whupped in a close game.  If not then check it out here.  I’ve gone away and purchased a few more figures now to give my roster extended depth and build in some redundancies.  Plus I figured it was high time that I pulled my finger out and tried some of the fancier stuff one can get up to…
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Advanced Songs of Blades and Heroes – Review

When Darren asked me if I wanted to do a review of Advanced Songs of Blades and Heroes it was a bit of a giver that I was going to say Yes.  I have already done a review of Songs and even a small piece on how I developed my Campaign setting so it’s not like I don’t know how the game system works.

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Normandy Firefight First Play review.

There is a lot of WW2 games out there, these cover almost any type of action you can think of. Large scale games, to games with only a squad or so of figures, you name it and there is a rules set for it. Normandy Firefight looks at the smaller scale of this when it comes to the amount of figures you need, the rules are wrote for the larger scale of 54mm but not exclusively.


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Gotham needs you!

As of this morning I received my Batman Miniatures Game Rulebook and after a brief flick through to see what all the fuss is about I can see why this game is gaining a lot of play at my local club. The main rulebook has all the rules etc in it and plenty of fluff and background story garnered from the whole Batman Universe much of which I was blissfully unaware of (such as the amount of different Robins there was).

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