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High Orbit Mats – Review

When I was waiting for my order for Dropfleet commander one of the fun things was to look at what else I was going to need.  I knew pretty early on I was going to need a new gaming mat.  I have a few star maps but as Dropfleet is all about grabbing land masses I needed something new.  I had a look around the Facebook group and to be honest the ideas were all the same, either big land masses or mats that looked like Mars.  The selection didn’t really grab me at all.

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Terrain Corner – Asteroids

I was more than a little surprised after my last article on Trees was so popular.  If you’ve not had a look at the article you can find it here.

When I was asking the team about what I should do next, Darren was pretty keen thet I do one on Asteroids.  I think he has some other project in mind that he’s after tips for.  Though as I have the Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter about to arrive soon I thought why not.

A lot of the terrain projects I do are very simple.  My hope is to get the terrain in a usable state on the table in a decent amount of time.  There are certain projects I spend a lot of time on, but most can be done in a few hours.

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Spartan Games – Fleet Action

I was just saying the other day that Spartan games are busy and then lo and behold they bang out another article

This time its them adding the Orbats (Fleet lists), for the minor nations.  So that’s .Chinese Federation, Ottoman Empire, Kingdom of Denmark, League of Italian States, Scandinavian Teutonic Order , Indian Raj, Royal Australia, Free Australia, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Dominion of Canada, East India Merchant Company, Black Wolf Company and Honourable Eclipse Company.  These along with the originals already listed for the Major Powers means you can play full games of Fleet Action with all the forces.


If you’ve not tried Fleet Action you should really give it a go, its designed for bigger games of Dystopian Wars.  Now it does remove a few of the mechanics so that the games play quicker, it doesn’t remove the fun you’ll have playing it.  It could even lead people to play bigger games.



Halo Flying High and getting Down and Dirty: Part One

When I started writing this article Halo: Ground Command wasn’t available just yet, we shall see if it arrives before this gets published! This is the last of the current updates for games I play regularly, at the moment, mainly because if I do many more I will be writing articles all day instead of actually doing anything with the models, expect though to see a Warmahordes one when the stuff arrives from the states.

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Weekend Hobbying 16/17 July 2016

So its the weekend and there is a lot that goes on, games, tournaments, building, painting and buying, without conveniently forgetting shows as well. So what are you upto this weekend. According to facebook Spartan have a Vanguard called Dan currently sat at Attack with Halo Ground Command.

I am sure he wont get mugged for the awesome game that Halo: Ground Command promises to be.

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Halo Ground Command


Final Starter Set Box Contents

Spartan Games have  finalised the Halo: Ground Command contents and managed to squeeze even more in there, so you really get great value for your money! The final contents now include:

  • Full colour Halo: Ground Command Rulebook
  • Statistics Sheets (detailing UNSC and Covenant forces)
  • 20 x Custom Halo Dice, 6 x Halo Order Dice and 4 x Normal D6
  • 40 x Game Tokens (Damage, Activation and Cooldown)
  • Shadow Templates – UNSC Pelican and Covenant Phantom Dropships
  • Quick Reference Sheet
  • 2 x Commander Cards
  • Halo Scenery – Bunkers and Scatter Terrain
  • UNSC 1,250 Point Battle Group

  • Covenant 1,250 Point Battle Group




Spartan have been working closely with 343 Industries, and are hugely proud to release some of the finest 1:100th scale models in the wargames industry. Meticulous attention to detail has truly allowed Spartan to bring Halo to tabletops like never before, and existing and new fans will be able to realise epic battles from the Halo Universe in stunning detail.