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Happy Union Player Here

As the title says I’m a happy union player because I can order the new season 3 Union Captain NOW.

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Steamforged 1st Quarter of releases

For some strange reason I thought I had already covered some of the new releases coming early next year but apparently I haven’t! Which is odd!

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Tournaments next year

Well yesterday I may have done something slightly crazy, in fact it was so crazy I didn’t realise just what I was letting myself in for, it takes biting off more than you can chew to a whole new level!

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Fillet and Minx more season 3 Spoilers

Steamforged are releasing spoilers at a crazy rate that’s a struggle to keep up with.

Conditions are an important part of Guild Ball. They can have a massive impact on the game, and more than that, they’re part of our integral core design for several of our Guilds. The Butchers will bleed you, the Hunters want to snare you in their dangerous traps, and the Alchemists… oh boy, the Alchemists. They’ll poison your poor players, set them alight and burn them, and even bleed you if you’re not careful. These are just some of the obvious examples, but just about every single Guild has methods of inflicting one or more of Guild Ball’s condition effects upon their opponents, and then capitalising on it. As a coach, learning to deal out conditions and how to remove them from your own players is one of the first things you’ll learn once you pick up the basics!

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Big League Deck

The Big League Campaign DeckThe Big League deck is now available for pre-order. This deck is going to be critical for those wishing to take part in and run a Big League which is the new season 2 Campaign method of playing Guild Ball and it looks fantastic, as well as being fully prize supported by Steam Forged.

Inside the pack you will find

9 Guild Sponsorship Cards

12 Favour Cards

46 Generic Cards

72 Guild specific Cards


The Big League Deck is available from Friday 1st July.


Steam Forged at Salute

While I have some time to batter away at the keyboard instead of running around doing all the things that normally make up my day I thought I would take five minutes to talk about Steam Forged at Salute.


Firstly Salute saw a whole batch of new pre releases, if you were able to get there you could have got the entire hunters team and the new season 2 rulebook, as well as this years show model, Flint, and some new dice as well.

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Guild Ball Norfolks First Tournament – Part One

My local FLGS Athena Games will on th 17th October at their Norwich store, the event is sanctioned and should be running using the Tie Breaker system that saw action earlier in the year at various Tournaments. So now I have  a few to finish painting my team, possibly even buy the last to players I need for a complete team, build a goal worthy of my team, which after the tournament will be stripped and then repainted as I am noy happy with how they look at the moment. So all in I have a goal I have a day of hopefully awesome fights, possibly even a bit off football, and hopefully will do it all with a (slightly badly) team of my choosing.


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