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Purgatory – A Quick Update

So, the other day, the Purgatory kickstarter was started, and within 12 hours it was funded! congratulations guys! Wow! They quickly went from strength to strength, unlocking stretch goals. Well Done Aidan and Gary from Underestimated Games.

You can back the kickstarter here

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Rekindling an old flamer (Or how I got into Horus Heresy on the cheap)

When I was a teenager I was desperately in love with Warhammer 40k (40,000). She offered me a new social circle, was great fun an taught me a fair few things. I could spend hours on a Saturday with Warhammer 40k and my friends. My friends loved Warhammer 40k and she got on with them.

As the years went by we both changed. Warhammer 40k wanted more of my money and less of my time. My friends fell out with her due to her erratic and inconsistent changes and one Thursday we went to her place (local GW) and I was told I was only welcome once or twice a month due to lack of tables.


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Kings of War v2 kickstarter

It’s been a while since I wrote anything about the King’s of War Kickstarter from Mantic Games, to be honest with all the projects on going and other bits and pieces I am kind of hoping it’s delayed, but I saw the gamers edition rule book in my local FLGS yesterday (put down the pitchforks they are backers as well), and to make things better I saw this.


The Abysal fiend all I can say is wow, but it’s a blog so I have to say more.

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And we are back.

Slowly I am getting back in the swing of things, a bit off a backlog off emails but with no one to cover that’s just an unfortunate side effect.

Although big props to the guys at Chaos Cards the day after I got married I got a message to say that my season 2 swag for The Spoils had been sent out, and royal mail didn’t disappoint.

Over the last few days had great fun opening booster packs got some awesome cards.


It really is such a shame that a great game is missing out on the love off so many gamers who just dismiss it as another ccg. But hopefully the army of ambassadors will change that this season.

On the miniature front my Kings of war pledge manager has been completed and a 1600 point Abyssal Army should be heading my way. This will be my first ‘complete army’ I have purchased in one hit. And a bit apprehensive about completing it.

I have also started painting my M18 hellcat that I reviewed last month. Just awaiting a few paints and a bit off advice for painting something that actually existed instead of sci-fi/fantasy stuff. Love the kit and really want to do it justice.

That’s all for now. You may return to your painting and gaming.

New features

After a few days thinking, yes it did hurt a bit, I have been wondering what features to add to the site. The Studio Forces will be expanded over the next few weeks and a full works in progress set should also appear soon.


But what else to add. Hopefully as I am forging ahead talks with some indy game developers we should have some more of a range of games covered developing soon.

I am in the process off developing a few questionnaires which I can send out. But for now who wants to be the first to display their force? Drop me an email on the contact form and we will take it from there.