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Tabletop Games UK Paints 2: Empire of the Dead

So we begin a new Tabletop Games UK Paints, this time with the dark and slightly disturbing Empire of the Dead a dark game set in Gothic Victorian England.

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TTGUK Paints Update 3

Well here we go 6 weeks into what should really have been a pretty easy painting challenge, the guys are doing really well except one, but he shall remain nameless unless he doesnt get any work done this weekend but as he is running a Guild Ball tournament its highly likely he will be the first member of staff to be shamed, even though he has got enough excuses for the past 4 weeks we arent going to let him off lightly.

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As part of an ongoing drive to improve our painting and my personal desire to get up to date with painting we four loons have come up with an idea.
We are going to paint something within a time limit so we can name and shame each other if we fall by the wayside.
The first of these in-house challenges, which by the way you are all welcome to join in with, is to paint a crew for Arcworlde.

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