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When You Play the Game of Thrones You Win or You Die!

Die?  Bloody hell Cersei it’s only a card game; can’t we just play strip instead?  Yes it has arrived, the Game of Thrones version 2.0 LCG from FFG is in my sweaty hands right now!  As you can probably tell I’m a bit excited about this and think it’s going to be huge.  This week I’m going to review the core set and basically try to make you all buy into it!
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The Great Devourer Arrives!

The time has come for the unleashing of the great devourer !  No I’m not talking about my son (he still refuses to enter the real world – smart lad) but the Tyranids for Warhammer 40’000 Conquest!  Yes that’s right folks a mere two months of waiting have flown past and now I have in my grubby little mitts on the first deluxe expansion for the game!  Watch the unboxing here!

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Oh When the Brits come swooping in

Thought I would try out a new contributor this month. So here goes his first attempt.

Kingdom of Britania Arial Fleet Box models.



5 x merlin interceptors, a single piece metal model which need only some minor flash removing from them, after washing the models they were undercoated black before painting. whilst painting i was pleased with the over all detail on the model, especially the small wooden decked are on the rear of the model. the small flying bases were easy to put together after a small amount of redrilling to allow the plastic rod to fit. Having played a small game with these i found they were ideally suited to their interceptor name, perfect for hunting down other smalls.


3 x hawk scout rotors. the model is a main resin hull with metal turret and rotors, again due to the high quality of the resin casting there was very little clean up work to do and only small amounts of flash on the 3 metal components of each model. as with all resin models i gave them a wash and good clean to remove any remaining residue from the molding process. again they were black undercoated before painting. I had a similar problem with the medium flying bases but again was only a minor issue. Again the level of detail on the models really make for a nice looking model even whilst just in basic colours. I found the hawks very useful in game for flanking and dropping thier mines in choke points.  overall they offer a nice opertunity to get round the back of a enemy fleet and attack more vunerable units. having a 360 degree fire arc on the turret and piercing MAR they can cause criticals to help slow and hinder the enemy.


1 x Illustrious sky fortress. This model is by far the main weight to the entire boxset, having the main hull which was easy to clean up with only a slight mold line running round the side of the whole model. the only issue i found with this main part is where the rotor arms join the hull there was a uneven surface that needed a little attention to get the part to fit flush. other parts on this model were the resin superstructure, 6 resin rotor arms, 6 metal rotor props, 2 metal turrets. In the box there were actually a couple of spare rotor arms and a spare prop. all of the parts only required a quick check over and clean up of the small amounts of flash. When putting the model together I opted to magnetize the rotor arms so when transporting the model there were 6 less things to break off. The illustrious sky fortress is a massive model and as can be expected of a carrier type model isn’t the fastest thing you can field but what it lacks in speed it certainly make up for in its support capacity. having access to 6 SAW tokens, 2 turrets, 3 magnetic mines, bomb bays and verious options for a generator, standard being a pulse generator to set off mine ment for a intresting way of combining with the hawks to set a mine field in one activation close to the enemy and then setting them off in the next.
also included in the box were 16 SAW tokens,3 SAS movement tray, a resin objective mark, 9 x 7mm dice 3 of each colour (red, white and green) 3 sheets of token and template printed on think high gloss card, and a set of the TAC cards which include the 6 victory condition cards.

I deceided to go for a glossy red and black colour scheme with gold trim and dark steel turrets and metalwork. All of the models had a great level of detail that ment once the were dry brushed leadbealcher and washed nuln oil with the basic colours for the metalwork the detail really stood out which made the model easier to paint on the whole. after getting the metalwork finished with a light dry brush of leadbealcher on all the models i moved on to the main red colour, which was easily achieved by using vermillion vallejo paint with a red ink wash over the top.


I then added some black details and stripes to the hulls and wings to give unit markings and break up the red. the gold details on the hull and engine components were a base coat of vallejo bronze washed with reikland fleshshade followed by a detail coat of vallejo gold. the final thing to do was the decks, which were again a simple 3 stage process, first a coat of vallejo german camo pale brown with a reikland fleshshade wash and a quick light dry brush of the camo brown again.


Overall to sum up the models are of a great standard and with only a small amount of work were ready to put together, painting was easy as the detail allowed me to pick out areas for each colour. The amount you get in the boxset is at first what appears to be smaller than other sets but once you open it up and see the amount of metal and resin used in these models it soon makes sense why its contents are limited. whilst play testing them i came to the conclusion that each unit has particular roles they are best used for. whilst the idea of a purely aerial kingdom of britannia fleet seems like an appealing idea it does unfortunatly lack the long range punch that can make all the difference. I would suggest that even with the future release of a heavy bomber that truely the strenght of the box set is as an addition to a land or naval fleet to provide some support and not as a stand alone fleet.

Worlds War One Unboxing


Ok there is the box, it got a little knocked around on its flight from the states. Other than that it seems to have survived my copy is number 8 the box was hand made in Moorpark.

A little bit before I go any further thus game is still in kickstarter so what I have would be considered prototype. If you like it you can keep up with Worlds War One on kickstarter.

According to the Kickstarter in each box you will get

* 205 Beautiful cards with a unique, steampunk art and design style representing actual historical characters and events placed in a fantasy context

* 5 Oversized Reference Cards/Victory Point trackers

* 100 Resource Tokens

* Rulebook, containing rules for main game and multiple mini-games utilizing the same cards

* Sleek, attractive container that will fit almost anywhere!


But the counters would explain the massive compartment inside the box so should all be nice and self contained.

The cards all have steam punk style pictures on them which is a nice alternate reality feel to them

Thus is one of my favourites

Dreadnought Class Battlecruiser

Now with out going into all the rules you can probably see there is the same underlying cost mechanics to this game. But that will be another article.


Everything for a 2-5 player game is included in the box but I think for a five player game I might need some more tokens.

Now all I need to do is find someone who isn’t expecting it to have a demo game with.

Firestorm Armada unboxing

Well herd we go with another unboxing. This time Spartan Games firestorm armada. The box is in typical Spartan fashion a bit underwhelming not very big but the art work on the sleeve shows what you get inside and all the normal stuff as well as a cool picture.

But it’s the box you really want to crack open and get at the resin meat inside off it.


This is the only photo taken so far and shows the two Tier One ships. Citadel paint included for reference only.

Now while there are little bubble wrap bags everywhere inside the box there are no instructions so a bit off googling is needed to find pictures of one or two bits. Very little cleaning is needed of the actual minis so you can dive right in.

The rule book included in the set is a nice glossy hardback and adds a nice quality touch to the set and all the counters are pop out. I would say a great improvement over Dystopian wars, but this was released first. Hopefully my copy was a dud and they should already be punched but we will see.

A selection of dice and markers are included so when my models are ready I can move onto the actual game the mechanics look and feel quite smooth but a few games should help see what’s under the hood off this massive game.

More news will be coming soon. You can follow the painting progress over at Tabletopgamesuk on facebook

The Spoils Review


The Spoils is a collectable trading card game, as you can see the art work on the box is very different and stylised, let’s be clear here, this style doesn’t end.


This is a shot of the back of the box, I Al really loving the logo, might have to order a T-shirt soon.

As it says on the back it’s a basic box of awesomeness. Now while I will agree it’s awesome it’s not basic 5 preconstructed 39 card decks which is enough to make 2 tournament decks as well as 10 foil cards. Giving you 205 cards 20 cards short of three 75 card tournament decks!!


10 foils. 5 random and 5 resource.

The artwork on the card are all very much top notch with a quality feel. The information, and on some cards there is a lot, is easily laid out but sometimes looks a bit cluttered due to the amount, but the functionality works well.

I nearly forgot to say that it has a small pamphlet with the rules on one side and the definitions in the other. It’s only a quick start guide but is more than enough to baffle me until the third reading at which point a light bulb went off and it all started to slot into place.

Now to find another person to have a trial game with so I can see if the game flows as well as it looks.

To finish the unboxing I shall provide a picture of everything in situ in the box as it arrived, do you have any idea how hard it is to take pictures instead off just ripping into the packaging.


As you can see the 5 39 card decks fit snuggly in the box and I would hazard a guess that you could fit double the cards into this stylish little box with room for a few dice and counters.

So far I have to say I am impressed.