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Prospero Burns Rules & Miniatures

Hi, I’ve just been scanning the news after last weeks amazing Prospero Burns images and it looks like there may be a little sneak peak out there about using those awesome Silent Sisters and Custodes figures in your 40K games!
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In Midnight Clad (with Jump-packs!)

Firstly apologies to those of you who wanted to see what’s going on last week and got nothing.  The machine spirit of the laptop has been appeased and everything seems fine again.  Well It does have to have ‘sacred’ words shouted at it every now and then!  Anyway on to this weeks edition, where I managed to get some dudes finished!In Midnight Clad 004.jpg Continue reading In Midnight Clad (with Jump-packs!)

Glorious Angels ride again

60040187049_horusheresyretribution01As many of you know I have always had a soft spot for the First Legion Astartse, the Dark Angels, ever since I started playing second addition 40k way back when.

Now the rules are available to play the 1st Legion in 30k as well as several other chapters sorry legions.

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Lording it Up!

Hey hombres! So this week I’m going to crash the miniature wargaming guys party with some toys of my own!  Since I read Ben’s first Heresy article I’ve felt the itch for a bit of 40k.  Like Ben I first played 40K in my early teens and ever since I’ve had a bit of a man crush on Space Marines in general.  I think it’s because I really want to actually be an eight foot tall killing machine instead of a not quite 5’10” inch liquid flavouring mixing machine so it’s always marines that bring me back to GW…

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Rekindling an old flamer part II

Hello Gamer’s and Happy New year! Welcome to part II of my ongoing rant about my rekindled romance with Space Marines, part one can be read here. All photo’s are from my collection.

So November last year I started collecting 28mm heroic miniatures with which to play The Horus Heresy (also known as Warhammer 30,000 or just 30k). The sudden lust for all things gothic science fiction was brought on by Games Workshops October release: Betrayal at Calth.

Above: A Cataphractii Terminator squad, Contemptor Drednought and Praetor *insert evil name*. All from the Calth box or my bits box!

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