FSA Terran Alliance


Terran Fleet (Standard Fleet) (740pts)

  • Tier 1 (395pts)

    • Battle Station (140pts)

      • Valhalla (140pts)

        +4″ Command Distance (5pts), Beam Primaries (10pts), Decimator Warhead Torpedoes (10pts), Deck Crews (5pts)

        Beam Weapons, Bigger Batteries, Combustible Cargo, Decimator Warheads, Deck Crews, Weapon Shielding

    • Battleship (255pts)

      • Tyrant (255pts)

        +2 PD (5pts), +3 WC, Bigger Batteries (5pts), Decimator Warhead Torpedoes (10pts), Quick Launch (10pts), Shield Projector (Self) (10pts)

        Bigger Batteries, Countermeasures, Decimator Warheads, Elite Crew, Quick Launch, Shield Projector, Weapon Shielding

        • Bomber Token (5pts)

          Bomber (5pts)

        • Interceptor Token (10pts)

          2x Interceptor (10pts)

  • Tier 2 (225pts)

    • Cruiser Squadron (225pts)

      • Teuton Squadron (225pts)

        • 3x Teuton (225pts)

          3x +1 HP (30pts), 3x Beam Primaries (15pts), 3x Nuclear Torpedoes (15pts), 3x Weapon Shielding (15pts)

          Beam Weapons, Nuclear Weapons, Sector Shielding, Weapon Shielding

  • Tier 3 (120pts)

    • Frigate Squadron (120pts)

      • Armsmen Squadron (120pts)

        4x Armsmen (120pts)

        Beam Weapons, Difficult Target

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