Up and Coming

Whilst browsing the world wide web, well facebook, I stumbled acrosd this hidden little gem  Dead Earth

The Last World War some call it. Optimists. No one really knows who started it, or why, if there wasever a reason, but once it started it was only ever going to end one way: the end of the world itself.And what comes after the end of the world, inherited by those few survivors? Life, of sorts, Isuppose. A struggle to survive, scavenging and looting and fighting our way in small bands, groups,gangs or families: across the dead Earth.

This project goes live on Kickstarter in March stay tuned for more news



Welcome to Tabletop Gaming UK.

Over the next few months things may look a little sparse while I get things set-upso please be a little bit patient with me. The plan is that on this site to show case as much about the tabletop gaming world as possible. This will mean a lot of hunting on my part to bring you as much as possible about an industry that seems dominated by one brand, and yes thats what got me into the hobby. I think at heart I will always be a die hard Dark Angel.