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What’s in a scale

What scale? Any scale?

That is a most interesting question to answer with this product. The simple answer is that it works with any scale. On the surface this may seem like an odd answer, but the simple fact is that one of the core design goals of this product is to make sure any scale, not just the ones supported by Spartan Games, are catered for. So what does any scale actually mean? The floor plates and uprights (which are the standardised components of the Modular Terrain) are going to be designed to be scale-less and genre-less. Over time we’ll bring out themed uprights, but right now the prototypes you can see have a more industrial/sci-fi feel to them. What determines the scale is the artwork and detailing level applied to the card, wood, acrylic or resin that is used in the product. Let’s take the idea of a 1 square by 2 square simple rectangle of product, which is 90mm x 180mm in size. Add the uprights and slide in some 10mm scale artwork and you have a factory unit. Slide in some 28mm scale metal work and you have a shipping container. Change the artwork again and you have a 15mm scale sci-fi airlock. You get the idea…
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