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KV 1/KV 2 Boxset for Bolt action.

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If you play Russian with Bolt Action, then this is the box set for you. Not only can you expand your heavy firepower you can also expand your troops. This box set comes with 8 plastic tank riders, also in the box is a guide for constructing your KV1 or KV2, handy reference card for each type of tank, damage markers and a set of decals for the KV tank. This set really does come in at a good price of £20 and at time of writing is in stock on the website.



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Warlord Games, Battle of the Bulge source book

On pre release for the middle of Feb, Warlord games have added to their web store the Battle of the Bulge source book. This book is full with new scenarios, rules for the weather of the time and army lists for the forces on the ground. Having done a couple of Bulge games with Bolt Action is book is very much welcome and my summer BA game is now sorted. More details taken form the warlord web site are below.




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Battle Report from Sabre Squadron

I found this online this morning an interesting looking ruleset

US Marine Airmobile Company vs Soviet Naval Infantry Mechanised Company, Norway, 1986

This was a run through of the air assault rules featuring the USMC attacking a Soviet company defending a set of objectives. All models are 6mm. The helicopters and infantry are by Heroics & Ros and the Soviet vehicles are by Scotia.

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Russians throw their Cossacks in the mix

March 1947. As Europe emerges from the worst winter in living memory the Soviet war machine is replenished and ready for action. 1946 was not the greatest year for The Motherland, although the German invaders were repulsed in their efforts to invade. After reverses before the winter set in, the Soviet war machine is now ready to roll west and crush the German foes before them.

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Into the Breeding Pits

With this new supplement for Frostgrave, players can lead their warbands into the vast network of catacombs, sewers, and dungeons that run underneath the Frozen City. It was in these dark confines that the ancient wizards known as Beastcrafters experimented on living creatures, creating strange hybrids and deadly monsters, many of which still roam the forgotten passageways.

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Warlord Games Black Friday Offer 3

Warlord Games have posted up offer 3 for Black Friday online. Offer 1 and 2 have been posted here. Offer 3 is for the Armoured Fury box set for just £50/$80. Normally retailing at £80/$128 and already with over £100 worth of tanks, dice and other bits this is a real offer.


Warlord are not saying how long this offer is for so its worth heading over to the store now

Warlord Games Black Friday Offers

Warlord Games have outlined their Black Friday deals. Starting on the 22nd at 1pm GMT there will be 20% of selected resin tanks.



This is a limited offer so when its gone its gone. Each tank will have a countdown to show you how many are left, so if your after that King Tiger you’d better be quick.


But wait!

There is also still 25% off Plastic tanks, so now really is the time to fill your boots and head over to the store


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