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Warmachine 1st build

Right so with a load of new units ordered and on there way its time for me to look at list building for the current league that I am partaking in at Aftermath Gaming club in Norwich.


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Guild Ball Tournament- Aftermath Winter Open Day 2015

So part of Aftermath Winter Open Day was a Guild Ball tournament.


This was the part of the event I was most looking forward to. Admittedly I predicted the top 2 and was spot on, I was hoping for 3rd or the very least top half off the table, my first game I drew Eds Alchemists and same as the Athena Open resigned myself to getting gutted.

Needless to say Midas proved to be just as much a thorn in my side as he always has in the last three meetings me and Ed have had, needless to say mine and Eds story will continue as we seem to be well matched, it’s just when I loose, I loose hard and quick.

The rest of the tournament was pretty much the same, I just couldn’t hit my stride, nor did it seem that could roll any form off decent dice.

So after Eds Alchemists pretty much took me out in three turns I went the distance with a brewers team which saw me loose badly again.

Followed by another brewers team against someone who had only had a few games, by few I think he actually meant two before the start off the day. I thought I would be in with a reasonable chance but in this game I fell foul off the special rule of the day.

Slippery Pitch, due to icy conditions and sprint action must be followed by a dice roll. on a roll off 2+ nothing happens and your turn continues as normal, on the roll off a one you suffer the knocked down condition. First charge was fine, second, knocked down, brilliant I thought I had it out off the way and steamed forward to end at least one turn with every player on my team flat on their backs.

3 games and three losses, probably my worst tournament result in anything, the good thing about that though is the only way is up.

Bugmans Brewers after 3 games can’t get much lower

This the current standings off the Aftermath league that I am participating at the moment With my Brokkr team Bugmans Brewers. As you can see I am not doing to well but hopefully after Tuesday it will not look any worse as I take on *th PLace Triple R. Once that game has been done I will post an update on the Team and see where I go, to be honest there isn’t much lower I can go being 10th out of 11 teams but I have lost to the number one ranked player so that’s not to bad (I think)

Gaming Clubs and a surprise!

As of last week I officially became a member of my Local Gaming Club, that is Aftermath in Norwich. I have been there a few times and last year did ‘a lot’ of demoing at the twenty-four hour gaming event to raise money for Wargamers Against All Cancer, as well as multiple trips to drop and pick things up to be taken round the country by one of the guys there.


With me doing shift work it is sometimes hard at times to find an opponent to play a game against so hopefully this way I can start to plan in advance and actually get a friendly, or even competative game in for a change, instead of just demoing, which dont get me wrong I love doing and have set up a facebook page to keep that organized as well (what did we do before facebook) but sometimes I just want to actually have a game.


With that in mind I know have to select, name and finish painting a dreadball team as I am entered into the clubs Dreadball League, which contains quite a few of the top 5 from last years Nationals, and I have probably picked one of the weaker sides for competative play from what I have read.


Oh the title said a surprise as well, this year I am helping organise the Charity Event at Aftermath so stay tuned for more news on that how you can get involved and raise money for, well O am not sure what, but I am sure it ill be a good cause.


One more thing before I sign off for this morning is that in just over twenty four hours I am jetting off to a secret location to help write and playtest the rule set for a soon to be realeased game! Again more news if and when I am able.