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Warmachine 1st build

Right so with a load of new units ordered and on there way its time for me to look at list building for the current league that I am partaking in at Aftermath Gaming club in Norwich.


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Concord Forces starting small

As I persist in trying to get a few games of Gates of Antares in its time to start some list building ideas.  So to start off I am going to look at the Concord, straight out of the box with no upgrades there is about 700 points worth of troops, but I have added a fair bit since then so I think its time to start list building.


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Ravenwing Army List

A week or so ago I decided to get back into 40K.  I’ve always loved the background and the figures and whilst many people bemoan the rules just as many enjoy them so I thought why not?  Well there’s the “I don’t know what to buy so I don’t waste my money” argument for one thing and that dear reader is where you come in…
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