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X-Wing first fly out

First off thanks to the guys that gave me some help on list building for my first fly out in the X-Wing universe, first off I lost, seemingly quite drastically but on reflection two of his four tie fighter things were nearly crippled so for a first game I don’t think I fared to bad to be honest.
So the list I ran was only two ships and other than two upgrade cards everything came out of the Heroes of the Resistance pack.


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Learning Curve 40K first game report

A couple of weeks ago I posted an army list for my re-introduction to 40K.  I was set to take my dubiously skilled Night Lords into battle against the might of the First Legion piloted by an experienced General.  Chris is a really nice guy and I thoroughly enjoyed the game despite the eventual result.

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Arcworlde Battle report, David Vs Mark

David and I (Mark) have been champing at the bit to get in a game or two of Arcworlde since we got the figures painted up for TTGUK Paints.  The figures have tonnes of character and the game seemed like fun, at least Jez thought so here.  He’s normally right so we finally decided to pit our wits against each other a few weeks ago.

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Tale of 6 Wanderers:Episode 0 (There are only 4)

I thought for something cool and different to do I would play through the campaign of Zombicide: Black Plague and see how well I could turn out a turn by turn battle report so here goes.


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The Walking Dead Play Through

So I have set up for a solo game off Mantics the Walking Dead to have a quick play through on a cold Sunday afternoon, you can see what else we have said about The Walking Dead here

So here we see little Carl Grimes and his dad Rick off to find some supplies. If they get 7 supplies I win if they survive I win if they die I loose. Let’s see what happens.

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Learning Curve 18: Beyond The Gates of Antares

20160916_200329Hi again!  A few weeks ago I discussed my bargain Antares Concord army and then the super fast manner of painting that I applied to them.  This week I got the pleasure of taking them to the field for the first time.  So what did I learn?

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A Tale of Two Hares

Me and Mark finally got down to getting some Burrows and Badgers action recently. Playing on a Deep Mats 3*3 playing Mat with some plasticraft scenery really looked the part and for once (other than a chip in the paint job) I had a fully painted force.


My list was reasonably large creature heavy and I took a mercenary just to make the points up, that was a big deciding factor and I still feel slightly guilty about, but moving on..

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The Brotherhood Rides

On Friday I took part in Final Re-rolls first Freebooter’s Fate night, my Brotherhood against Carls Pirates we decided that as Carl only had the Pirates starter set to go starter vs starter but as I had more points than him I changed my Harlequin for another Coscritti, which leveled the points up at 285 Doubloons.

Miniature Design by Werner Klocke

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