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Avenger Skimmer

Algoryn Commanders, it’s time for war… attacks flare across the Determinate, and the foes of the Prosperate grow more menacing by the day. Support is needed, and is being hurried to the front lines – now available for deployment is the Avenger Attack Skimmer!


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Sarissa Scenery on Sale

Roll up, roll up and get you battlefields ready for tournament season!

Over at Warlord Games they’ve been working closely with Sarissa Precision to develop a growing range of scenics, catering for every historical and sci-fi battlefield. To celebrate this range Warlord are giving you the chance to build your battlefields and army displays with a huge 15% discount on ALL Sarissa Precision single items (whilst stocks last).


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Learning Curve 18: Beyond The Gates of Antares

20160916_200329Hi again!  A few weeks ago I discussed my bargain Antares Concord army and then the super fast manner of painting that I applied to them.  This week I got the pleasure of taking them to the field for the first time.  So what did I learn?

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Learning Curve Part 16

Antares (1)Hi again, this week in my ever growing collection of sci-fi games I’m talking about my first impressions of Beyond the Gates of Antares by Warlord Games.  I picked this up as a steal on ebay a week or so ago after my club was not chosen (sad face) by Warlord to participate in their ‘start for free but blog about it’ event (pretty sure they had a snazzy title but that sums it up).  So am I glad I splashed some cash?

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The Ghar and the Concord expand their forces

Following Warlords release’s last week of the Algoryn, Boromite, and Freeborn Combat Forces – this week they are releasing EVEN MORE Antares forces on their way in the form of Support Force bundles for the Concord and Ghar expanding their forces and options!

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New Antares Army Deals

Warlord have revised the previous army deals they had on offer to include some new models – which means that the armies have grown in size.

These armies have been designed to offer a solid core force from which you can expand to your liking – Warlord have included a suggested 8/9 Order Dice Army Lists around the 1,000pt mark in the product page of each one, however they can be outfitted with additional equipment and Army Options – or could even be reconfigured to include less squads, with more models… so there is plenty of scope for personalisation and list tweaking…

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