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Weekend 10th Jan

So as this weekend draws to a slow close. What have you guys been up to? The Battle Hammer have been losing people and games up at the Grid at the “Frozen Balls” tournament.

I have managed to get one miniature built this weekend Ba’Su’Su the Vile for my Forces of the Abyss army.


Remember if you are running an event you can get in touch and we can see about getting it advertised on the gaming calander

Looking forward 26/08/2015

Looking forward to the next few days on the Calander seems that there is a fair amount going on this weekend, the Warlord show has been postponed but I have yet to find a date for the new event. A few tournaments and games sessions have been put forward.

There is still room to get more events added so if you run a store that runs events or a gaming club that runs regular events then please get in touch using the this form.

Events Calender

A new method of adding events is to be trialled over the next month. If you advertise your event on facebook and are interested in taking part please use the Contact form to get in touch.

The plan will be to update the calander weekly, but that won’t just be for the next week, will be for everything submitted.

Another few alterations including the ability to add events direct to your own Google calander.