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Pioneers Program live on Kickstarter

The Pioneers Program is a post-apocalyptic, town building board game for 3-6 players from GCT Studios the team behind the game Bushido. At its core it is a fun and easy to learn game featuring great art by the Mico and offering incredible value at just £20 (Under $26!).

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Heroes of Normandie: Card Game

Designed by Pascal Bernard and Patrick Receveur, two wonderful game designers and world war two (WWII) fanatics, this 2 players game is served by a simple but dynamic mechanic for 30 to 45 minutes of frantic games.

Obviously, the main theme is the Normandie historical battles but the famous Heroes of Normandie hollywood varnish has been meticulously brushed on every aspects of the game.

The most important part of the game is the order in which you activate your units. Some of them, especially Headquarters, can assign to other units GO! tokens to activate them. So, think twice before rushing with your Panther, maybe it would be wiser to use your HQ instead…

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Heroes of Normandie: Tactical Card Game – The Rules

heroes-of-normandieHowdy folks, a few days ago we gave you the heads up about Devil Pig Games releasing their kickstarter for the HoN:TCG.  Well I’m back to let you know that those jolly kind folks have put the rules up for general use!

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Battle for Sularia; Initial Play Review

Lord+Oathki+_the+Hawk_Those amongst you who have been paying attention will know that I’ve been looking forward to playing the aforementioned card game for some months.  You’ll also know that in my preview I got quite excited by some of the nifty things that go on during the game.  Well it’s here now and I’ve had a chance to play it…

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Boundless Hate

whk10_box.pngWith a new war pack (that one on the left in fact) on the horizon I thought I’d take a butchers at the Warlords that we’ll find there and what (if any) difference they’ll make to the scene!

The two factions represented at Warlord level are Dark Eldar who have both the strongest and almost weakest Warlords already and Chaos who have  two pretty decent offerings.

It is firmly my opinion that the Warlords and there signature squads are the best tool FFG have to keep the ship steady.  At the moment it is very much more important to be able to play a horde of small guys since they can gang up on bigger targets and spread command icons all over the sector.   Which can make deck building feel a bit samey…
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