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Going off the Radar

So from today I will be going off the radar for about a week, due to upcoming family commitments, I shall hopefully still be able to update bits on our facebook page but other than that there probably wont be a great deal off content go up.

Thanks for all the support over the last six months, after this brief break I promise I will be back and I will be pushing Tabletop Games UK on to be bigger and better than ever before.

Starting with the forces of TTGUK this section was originally intended to be my great idea where I could put up lists and pictures of my army, unfortunately at the time I was publishing everything of a tablet and phone so I could never get the links to work. now they are working I have found that I am miles behind with my painting so after this week is over I am going to be cracking on with that section my incentive is to get it all done before Dungeon Saga is released. Believe me it is a very tall order.

Many thanks