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Xmas Fill my Bag Give Away!

Thats right, throughout the year I seem to spend a lot off time trying to beg, borrow or acquire different pieces to review or promote, if I didn’t there would be a lot less content on this site! Next year we want to do more and we also want to reach more people as we slowly start to take over the world in an insidious and ambitious project of world domination, but to do this we need your help and we want to reward you for that help!

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Anvil Industries Painting Competition

Here is Anvil Industries monstrous Werewolf has had a lick of paint to bring it to life.

It’s available at the special price of £8.50 until the end of October.

To celebrate the guys at Anvil Industries havedecided to have a Werewolf painting competition, with some great prizes for all abilities!

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Mantic Writing Competition

Mantic have announced, via their blog that they are now accepting submissions for their writing competition.

Successful entries will be published as an official Mantic Novel. This competition will centre on a handful of events, battles and character stories from both of the Mantic universe’s.

The 1st of November will see some more information and material posted for download on the Mantic Blog, and don’t forget the top three entries will win a prize which is outlined below.


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