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The Unavoidale Draft!

Hi again!  Whilst I wait for FFGs notoriously slow boat to arrive with my new stuff I’ve been drafting Seed Saga!  With four or five drafts under my belt I can safely say this is my favourite set of any CCG to draft, it’s a large enough set to make each draft genuinely feel different and it has so many crazy cards and combos even writing this has made me want to open some boosters!

For those of you that have no idea what I’m on about; drafting is a great way to play collectable card games.  In a nutshell each player is given three packs and they all open the first pack, take a card and pass the remaining cards from the pack, taking one card from the pack they’ve just been passed and so on until all of the cards from the boosters are picked.  You then build a deck from the cards you’ve chosen.  Drafting is a skill in itself; picking up what the other guys are doing and making sure that you draft the best possible selection of cards is very tricky.  I’d actually regard drafting as amongst my weaker skills at the Spoils so I love getting some practice in!

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