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Mantic Black Friday Crazy Box details

Mantic will be bringing back the crazy box for Black Friday and this time it will be more crazy. The box will only cost you £25/$34.99 and comes in two flavors, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, but in each box will be more then £50/$70 worth of items.

To add to the great deal you are getting this year, 50% of the box’s will have an extra insane values item, such as the dungeon saga adventure facebook, limited edition resin miniatures, a faint dragon and more!

Mantic’s crazy box 2016 will go on sale on Black Friday, along with a host of other great deals through out the day and special timed deals every hour starting at 10am GMT.


HATECONZOM: The Autopsy…

Saturday November 5th saw Mantic in force in Bethnal Green, as Zak and his team of rowdy Pathfinders descended upon the East London Wargames club (and Working Mens Club…) to show off some of the funky new Star Saga toys, play games, engage in tournaments and revel in the brand spanking new Walking Dead game!

 The Gaming Dead play The Walking Dead

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Breaking news from Bethnal Green and the Mantic team; In addition to the Kings of War and Dreadball tournaments, Open table Deadzone, and Walking Dead introductory games, Mantic will be bringing members of the design team and offering the opportunity for Alpha testing of the new STAR SAGA game at HATECONZOM on the 5th of November2016!





Now this is looking very exciting!

Bethnal Green’s own HATE wargames club (HATE of course standing for the Hackney Area Tabletop Enthusiasts) in alliance with Mantic games will be hosting their very own HATECONZOM on the 5th of November – Dreadball and Kings of War tournaments, Dungeon Saga and Deadzone demonstration games, and a chance to try out Mantics brand new Walking Dead game!

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17 hours left For Dreadball Kickstarter

17 hours to go and Raiden, the kickstarter exclusive Matsudan team captain has been unlocked

When funded, you’ll also be able to add-on the Matsudan + Raiden team bundle, which like the Draconis All-Stars and Ninth Moon Tree Sharks, will get added to the DreadBall Team Collection. You can pledge here

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Mantic Games: Part One

Here is going to be the first of a regular series on Mantic Games, for some reason I think the first few maybe slightly Dreadball orientated.

DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game is the 2-player hyperkinetic sci-fi sports game of unparalleled speed and ferocity, a fast and tactical miniature sports board game

that is both quick and easy to learn but with quite a few teams can even leave a hardcore collector needing more, and with the option of 6 teams on the pitch (Ultimate) and exploding unlicensed obstacles (DBX) there is something for all occasions!.

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Dreadball Day 3

It’s Day 3 of the Kickstarter Mantic are nearly ¾ of the way there to unlocking the first team captain, Romeo Blue – and then it’s only a short walk to the plastic counter set and the very characterful Eye in the Sky.

There’s a big onus on backers for this project so please, if you tell one person and convince them to back, it’ll make a big difference to the campaign.

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